Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Bird Decor


                       *Pic of Lila’s ‘Birds of a Feather Modern Mobile’ Modern Nursery.

bird (bʉrd)


  1. any of a class (Aves) of warmblooded, two-legged, egg-laying vertebrates with feathers and wings

So as I will get to show you all very soon, I’ve been trying to do a modern vintage bird themed bedroom and bathroom for Lila.  Besides the glider chair I’ve been waiting for patiently (I mean she is 13 months old after all!), I’ve felt there was just something missing…until now when I scooped up these beautiful little bird treasures at Pottery Barn yesterday…if you haven’t checked out their new Spring stuff, make sure to stop by your local store or online, they have some great things at decent prices (and great little gift ideas too!).

So in these pics, the nest and eggs are from Pottery Barn; shells are from Michael’s; and the monogram candle is from Anthropologie that I got at 25% off before the holiday (but I do think they still carry them.)



The vintage birdcage is from Pottery Barn and it is really light so I plan to hang it from pretty ceiling chain in her room.  The Spanish Moss is from Michaels (so much cheaper than Pottery Barn!).


You’ll pay a little more at Pottery Barn, $14 for a bag of them, than you would at say Michael’s for these eggs but don’t they look real!?!?!?  


All Lila wants to do is eat the eggs!


Here’s some other cool bird decor:

Nest, Egg and Feather Print 16x20, TargetNest, Egg and Feather I - 16 x 20 Target

Nest Pendant Pottery Barn

Nest Pendant Pottery Barn

Embroidered Bird and Nest Pillow Cover Pottery Barn

Embroidered Bird and Nest Pillow Cover Pottery Barn

Hope you’re having a great week! 

Jill xxxooo


  1. I love the bird decor:) You must come home soon:) Trying to talk Scott into coming out to visit!!

  2. Hello! I love your idea for a vintage bird theme and the pretty items you're showing... esp that hanging basket with the prisms -- brilliant! I blog about bird decor-- come visit and maybe you'll get some ideas! (though i see you posted this a year ago, I'm a bit late finding your post...)

  3. Is there a pattern for the embroidered Bird and Nest Pillow? They are wonderful. Thanks